Football Boxbreakers 2016 Playbook FB Case Group Break - COMPLETE

Didn't take long as Blowout got us a case and the order is in. Hoping to get it Monday and will update on timing.

Still have draft slots for anyone interested!
Ok guys, let's get the draft going as we will hope to break Tuesday. Draft order has been randomized and we can begin immediately and the first 3 picks are already in by proxy;

On the clock: Dvashun

Draft Order:
1. Gottabe - Falcons
2. Yzerisdaman - Texans
3. Crpalmi - Panthers
4. Sportscloset12 - Colts
5. Yzerisdaman - Cardinals
6. Franklinguy52 - Chargers
7. Dvashun - Bills
8. Crpalmi - Ravens

Available Teams:
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Yzerisdaman takes the Cardinals. List above is updated and Franklinguy52 is on the clock.


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Chargers and GC sent for the draft team
List updated and Dvashun is up.
List updated and draft is complete! Hoping to break Tuesday but unsure if I can get the case then as I work late. I'll update when I know but hoping for 9:30pm(ct) break.