Been MIA but here's today's haul

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  1. So I've been MIA lately. Getting adjusted to the two job deal. I think it's finally starting to fall into place though. I don't like being away. :)

    Anyway, stopped at my LCS on the way home from work and picked up a couple boxes of inception as well as a box of bowman platinum. I'm starting scans now so I figure I'll just start a thread and add to it through the night/weekend as I get scans done.

    Doug Martin - 05/50

    Ronnie Hillman - not numbered

    Nick Foles - not numbered

    and a sweet hit for my PC:

    Brock Osweiler - 16/50

    more to come ...
  2. Nice pulls!
  3. Thanks man. :) Several more to come.

    A.J. Jenkins - 210/210

    Justin Blackmon - 137/520
  4. ugh, already ready to sleep so this will be it for the night:

    Mikie Mahtook auto - not numbered

    Ryan Zimmerman Relic auto - not numbered

    My third auto from the box was a redemption for a Tyrell Jenkins Autograph Prospect Refractor (never heard of him)

    Also got the following from the box (since I'm not sure I'll scan them all):

    Trevor Bauer base card (for my PC)
    Trevor Bauer refractor (for my PC)
    Sean Buckley X-Fractor
    Matt Davidson Blue Refractor 060/199 (never heard of him even though be plays for my Diamondbacks ... haha)
    Bubba Starling Green Refractor 187/399
    Bryce Harper base card
    Two Yoenis Cespedes base cards
    Die cuts were Freddie Freeman and Heath Bell
    Top Prospects inserts of Bubba Starling, Eddie Rosario, Miguel Sano and Nolan Arenado
    Prospect Refractors of Joe Panik, Jonathan Singleton, John Lamb and Dylan Bundy
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    Nice stuff there. I really like that Osweiler and that Blackmon patch.
  6. nice pulls!
  7. pwolantern

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    Very nice, that Zimmerman is sweet