Basketball Player and Team Collectors


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This thread will be used to keep track of basketball team and player collectors. If you are a basketball team or player collector, and would like to get your name added to this list, please reply here. I'll do my best to keep this thing updated as much as possible.

After each update, I will remove the replies to this thread so I can easily keep track of who has/hasn't been added.

Player Collectors

Davis, Anthony - @franklinguy52
Griffin, Blake - @Hankerson85
Hibbert, Roy - @Hankerson85
Parker, Tony - @Mike
Paul, Chris - @Hankerson85
Unseld, Wes - @captkirk42
Wall, John - @Hankerson85

Team Collectors

Los Angeles Lakers - @ronpage69
New Orleans Hornets - @ronpage69
New Orleans Pelicans - @ronpage69
Oklahoma City Thunder - @ronpage69
Orlando Magic - @ronpage69
San Antonio Spurs - @Mike | @Hankerson85 | @nuhuskers
Seattle Supersonics - @ronpage69
Utah Jazz - @SPORTSK1LLA
Washington Bullets - @captkirk42
Washington Wizards - @captkirk42 | @Hankerson85

Purdue University - @andy
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If you could, please add me for the following -
Noah Vonleh, Russell Westbrook, Gary Harris, Tim Duncan, Cleanthony Early, Ricky Berry, George Gervin, George Yardley, Terrence Ross