Amandashubby2010 is the man!


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A week or so ago I was about to start trade talks with @Amandashubby2010 for a few HOF autos and a sweet Cowboys legends GU card he had. Out of the blue he sends me a message asking for my address and telling me that they're mine. While I will be re-paying him at some point, what a great gesture it is to send a package to someone in this hobby without asking for a single thing in return. Definitely one of my favorite things about TCZ is the generosity of the members and it was just proven here once again.

Today I checked the mail and here's what I found inside the package.

Bob Lilly / Don Meredith / Chuck Howley /99

Bob Lilly

Y.A. Tittle /20

Morris Claiborne /199

There was also a Troy Aikman base from '91 Upper Deck and a Tony Romo from '07 Topps DPP. Thanks a ton for the package Mike! VERY much appreciated!


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WOW!!! What an unbelievable gesture. Mike definitely has a made a great site for all of us, as I am a kid at heart myself. Congrats @Mike that is some very sweet adds!


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In the days of BV and what it's worth I am still stuck in my childhood days of just the fun of the hunt. Mike you do alot with this site to keep the fun of trading for us kids at heart! Thanks for giving us a place to play TCZ
I think you mean this:

Yummy 40 year old bubble gum.:D


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Awesome! Very cool.. and sweet cards too.. :D