Alright, gonna run a contest. An odd one! Haha

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  1. Alright people's, s I like drawing and such so gonna run a contest for it..

    This was my latest drawing, I know it looks like crap because it's in colored pencils since I didn't have any pastels. Went and picked up some today so I can make a nice picture.


    These are just some of the sports teams I am a fan of. Wanna make a bigger one with the stuff I have and add more teams.

    So for the contest part:

    I am having this, gonna give away a few cards to the person I decide.

    Here's what the contest is about:

    Give me some suggestions on what the next thing I should draw is. I am just looking for some good ideas to use, they can be about anything. Sports are mainly what I want it to deal with but it's not limited to that. And put in description where you think picture(s) would look best on the canvas! If more than one picture tell me which ones should be "on top/overlapping" the other ones and such.

    1. Each member get 3 suggestions. You can post them at different times
    2. Have fun!!

    Until than going to redraw that picture above onto another canvas and use pastels this time!!

    So come on in and give me some good ideas
  2. dang, dude. that's some talent. i couldn't even draw a stick figure ... or stick alligator for that matter.

    i'll give it some thought and reply when my ideas become brilliant.
  3. Haha thank you very much.
    That was just a quick junk one. Now comes the time for the good one. I actually thought of it since we moved,because I am going to do similar stuff in my room. Going to paint a big duke blue devil logo on the wall you see when you first walk in, a Florida gators logo on the wall next to it, and may put a braves logo on one of the others. The others have window so wouldn't really work, and door so not sure haha.
    But thanks and hope to have some great posting in original post with an edit with rules
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    How are you at drawing people? Since you are a Braves fan why not try something of Chipper for his Final Season. If you aren't good a portraits how about an action shot (where you don't see his face but see enough of him or his number to know which player it is supposed to be) put his name on it somewhere with his playing years.

    He'll probably be a first ballot HOFer, but I wouldn't be too mature on giving him that status yet. :)
  5. whoa, good thinkin!!!
  6. I'm alright with drawing people. Im good with drawing, the shading is what gets to me sometimes.
    Thank you for the suggestion!
  7. Here are my other two drawings just so you guys can see my level:

    We had to sit in a hallway of our school and draw this for art class:

    Than a self portrait one:

    And you can view my Facebook here to see if it looks similar :P
  8. Dude, you got some serious skills.
  9. Thank you! Appreciate it
  10. Come on no other ideas?
  11. Mike

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    I'll come up with something for you Nate. Give me a day or 2 to ponder on it though.
  12. Awesome, will probably do multiple of the ideas if I get enough!
  13. sorry man, i've been so brain dead this week. i'll continue to try to think of something but when i start to try, my mind just reminds me that it's mush at the moment. maybe sleeping in tomorrow will fix that. :)
  14. Hahaha, mines the same way! Don't even wanna go to work tomorrow!
  15. Get to thinking people :P