Allen Ginter '16 Break


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It's been a while since I've posted or bought anything so I hope all is going well with everybody. I recognize a few familiar names from my time here. I quit buying wax a few years ago, but randomly got the itch and bought a box of 2016 Allen Ginter. I over payed a bit I realized after I checked out, but I'll chalk that up to just bring able to rip it immediately instead of waiting for it in the mail. I've always been a fan of the product. I can't complain.

The Hits: (I'll look for SP's and whatnot later. If anybody is looking for something in particular I'll check as well and send it your way.)

Jose Abreu and Eric Hosmer Relic cards
Jake McGee Mini /25 (Handnumbered. Not sure if that means anything or not.)
Jose Altuve Rip Card /10.

I haven't decided if I'm going to rip it or not. I've had two previous rip cards from Allen Ginter. The one I ripped had a Ichiro wood mini it. The other I think I sold for 100? It's been a while.


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Sounds like a fun break. I could be wrong but I think the handnumbering is for NoNumbered cards.

as for the rip card. I have never liked the idea/concept of a rip card. Mostly for the fact that it ruins the outer "pack" card which sometimes ends up being more valuable than the inner mini card it reveals. But they do sell well unripped.