$80 Roger Staubach GU?

Discussion in 'Hobby Talk' started by Mike, May 19, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    I've never really held much stock in what Beckett says a card is worth, but I've always used it to kinda gauge what a card might be worth in comparison to other cards. Today I was just checking out the values of a few different cards that I was looking at on eBay and I remembered that I had been meaning to post this for a while now. Quite some time ago I acquired a Roger Staubach single color GU card in a trade deal. To me, this is just another card. I'm wondering though, why do y'all think this thing is valued at $80? There are 10 different variations of this card, all numbered /25, and all carrying a value of $80. Is this a set that a lot of collectors really tried to complete? Could I be holding the key to someone's complete set? I really have no idea, but that is the only reason to explain it.

    Here's a scan of my $80 (according to Beckett) single color Roger Staubach GU.

  2. thats a nice card!
  3. franklinguy52

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    I that is a great card! Beckett prices game used higher than most will give for them.This a Hall of Fame QB and numbered to 25, so I am surprised they don't have it priced higher. I picked up a Jerry Rice jersey card unnumbered and it books for $60.
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    This isn't the only Staubach I have, and the other books just $30.
  5. Mike

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    Well, for well over a year now I've occasionally checked eBay for another one of these cards. There are several different versions, all numbered /25. I've yet to ever see one for sale. That said, I'm assuming the BV of these is so high because they are highly sought after by people looking to complete the set. I will not be chasing that set, but will likely hold off on this one unless an amazingly awesome deal is offered by someone to take it off my hands to complete their set.