6 degrees of separation - Round 1

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  1. Okay, here's another game. The idea is to see how long of a string we can put together of athletes on combo cards. Let me give you an example:

    We start with a Mickey Mantle card
    Someone posts a Mantle and Brooks Robinson card (1 card with both players)
    Next person posts a Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson card (1 card with both players)

    Here are the rules:

    1) Cards with more than two players are fair game and the next poster can select any of the players on that card (except for the previous link)
    2) Images can come from anywhere on the internet in order to expand the success of the game (as opposed to only what's in our PC's)
    3) The game is over when there is no link made within one week from the last post. At that point, we'll tally up the number of links and begin the next round with a new player to see if we can beat our previous streak. Bonus props to whomever can make the round skip to another sport. ;)

    I'm going to post the first few cards of this round just to make sure everyone understands the game. Have fun!!

    We'll start with:

    Kobe Bryant

  2. Then we go from Kobe to Magic Johnson

  3. Magic to Walton/Magic/Bird (meaning our next card could have either Larry Bird OR Bill Walton

  4. So I'll end the examples with:

    Walton to Reggie Miller

  5. franklinguy52

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    I don't have much basketball but I found this one on the web to get the game rolling

  6. does it have to be basketball?
  7. if not i have this jordan shipley and jermaine gresham
  8. but neither shipley or gresham were in the last card. :) you gotta link to a player that was in the previous card.
  9. duh sorry i was thinking like the alphabet games sorry
  10. So since Jordan was the last link, I'll post:

    Jordan to Dennis Rodman


    So the next post has to have Dennis Rodman and someone else (or more than one someone elses)
  11. To make this easier to track, let's paste this at the bottom of our posts. If you guys forget, it's no big deal. I'll pick it up on my next post.

    Kobe Bryant > Magic Johnson > Bill Walton > Reggie Miller > Michael Jordan > Dennis Rodman > ???
  12. Okay, I'll post one more even though I posted the last one just to gauge interest in this game. :D If the thread dies, that's cool with me. If not, sweet!! :P


    Kobe Bryant > Magic Johnson > Bill Walton > Reggie Miller > Michael Jordan > Dennis Rodman > Scottie Pippen > ???
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    Ok, how about this one. I also shortened the chain summary.


    Michael Jordan > Dennis Rodman > Scottie Pippen > Karl Malone
  14. well played, sir
  15. [​IMG]

    Here you go... Rodman>Pippen>Malone>All of these guys!