4 HOT Boxes of Topps Chrome

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  1. Yeah... I went on a rampage at my LCS today and cracked four boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome. The first one was the 1-per-3-hobby-cases HOT box with all refractors inside. It was pretty awesome... the only card from that box that was not a refractor was one of the two autos (the other auto was a sepia parallel). Without further ado... pictures!

    Die cuts: Ortiz, Bautista, Strasburg

    Lavarnaway and Parker autos, Derek Lowe black #045/100

    Clockwise from top left: Milone, Romine, Pomeranz, Mesoraco regular autos

    Eric Surkamp auto

    Liam Hendricks & Clayton Kershaw blue ref /199

    Giancarlo Stanton black ref 060/100

    Tom Milone gold ref 04/50

    Yonder Alonso sepia auto 23/75

    Robinson Cano sepia 75/75

    Tim Lincecum red ref 21/25
  2. Oh, and these two which wouldn't fit in the last post lol

    Yu Darvish black ref 099/100

    Mike Trout blue ref 192/199
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    WOW! Would have been hard to ask for much more than that, congratulations!
  4. Wow looked like a lot of fun!
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    Nice break!
  6. Nice pulls!!!
  7. So the hot boxes are all refractors?
  8. Yep, every pack in the box has all refractors inside (including colored refractors). Apparently the autograph cards and die cuts are the only ones which are not refractors (though I got one base auto and one sepia refractor auto).
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    Sweet break :) Love the look of the die cuts this year