Football 2018 Certified Football Casebreakers Group Break - COMPLETE

I will never forgive him for the fake spike play! But a nice Marino auto or patch in this break would help me get past it a little haha.
That’s right, forgot that was against the Jets. Kind of like my hatred for Elway for cheating the Browns out of a couple Super Bowl appearances but I didn’t complain when I pulled an Elway auto so I get it.

Case shows out for delivery today so as long as it arrives we’ll do an early break of 6:45pm (ct).
Delay on the break time everyone. I missed the UPS driver and my plan B failed as I can usually meet up with the truck later at the UPS store and he will get the package for me but it was a new driver that refused to look. We still may be on for later tonight as I'm waiting on a call to see if I can get out to the UPS warehouse before they close but it's iffy the truck will get back before they close so I can't promise anything.

Basically we either break around 9am or we do it tomorrow night around that same time. I'll post an update when I know more.
Case in hand! Need about an hour to drive home and will try to break at 9pm(ct). Good luck all!
Sorry about not getting a recap video up last night but got home too late. I will try to do that when I get home from work. Break was rough in my opinion but we did hit a nice Josh Allen and NYMJ got his Gesicki. A few low numbered hits but very little star power. A few teams did well with quantity such as Broncos and Steelers but overall we could have done better. I'll get the video up tonight.

If anyone wants their base vets and haven't let me know that yet please do so as I may be able to get these out Monday. Thanks all!
Here is the recap video;