Football 2018 Certified Football Casebreakers Group Break - COMPLETE

are the chiefs open in this --> if so, I'd nab em
Do we know when the draft will start or when the last payment will be made?
Final payment is in. I’m out of town for my sons soccer tournament but will probably get the draft going tomorrow. Release date should be 25th so I’ll update when I have shipment details.
Sorry for the delay guys but we can start our draft. The case shows tracking but delivery on Thursday so I'll keep you posted but if it arrived then we can break Thursday night.

On the clock: NYMetsJets
On-deck: Crpalmi

Draft Order:
1. NYMetsJets - Dolphins
2. Sportscloset12 - Panthers
3. Yzerisdaman - Falcons
4. NYMetsJets - Jaguars
5. Crpalmi - Texans
6. Sportscloset12 - Titans

Available Teams;
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Yzerisdaman takes Falcons by proxy. List above is updated and NYMetsJets is back on the clock.
I’ll go Texans and we are done. I’ll keep you posted but anticipating a Thursday night break.
Kind of picturing a Marino actually... not sure if he's in this product but just a feeling.