Football 2017 National Treasures FB Casebreakers Group Case Break - COMPLETE

I am down for whatever everyone else wants, just Vertex as a product is not my thing. When do 2018 draft stuff come out?
I think Elite Draft is fairly soon.
We can move on to other products. For 2018 stuff we usually wait for the products that have team designations for rookies which is usually Prestige first. Since April will be a Hobby group break we can look if any new releases spark our interest for the Casebreakers in May but I wouldn't mind looking at Optic Contenders. I'm open to other options as well.
Switched for you going forward.
I'll take the Ravens going forward.
Titans dropped and Seahawks picked up going forward for Deantap.
Changes confirmed. Sorry I haven’t been able to get the next break going yet. I’ll try to work on that soon.