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  1. This was a decent box. They shorted me my jersey crd. Autos were ok 2 /49 notable. Tyler Wilson. Best card and my personal fave. Tavon Austin purple parallel # 11/99. Jersey numbered :). Happy day. Wven that it wasn't an auto.
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    Nice! Definitely a good day when you pull a PC card out of a box for yourself. Congrats, and thanks for sharing!
  3. It was. I knew it was numbered but not his jersey number. I was more pumped about that card than any of the autos haha. Me and a buddy split the box. I picked the rams first and he followed with the cowboys:/. He pulled a demarco Murray artist proof numbered /10 and a Dez Bryant numbered /32. It' was an ok box. For him. I thought it would have been great if it were all mine lol
  4. Recently bought two Blaster Boxes of 2013 Score and hit a Margus Hunt auto in the first and a Demontre Moore auto in the second. Also got Red Variants of Marcus Lattimore and Matt Barkley.

    Not bad for a couple of blasters from Target.
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    Wow, that is great for 2 blasters!

  6. Yeah, Ive had some good luck with the blasters but not so much with the high end breaks. Hopefully my blaster luck will carry over...
  7. I've pulled a few good cards from blaster boxes. Nothing that great. Pulled an Aaron Dobson auto out of safe hit. In south charleston wv Walmart. Funny he's from south charleston wv like 5 minutes from me. I wonder if hits fall of guys in their hometowns more often than if they weren't from there ya know?
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    Nice break
  9. I was actually wondering that as well. I bought my box in Greenville, SC and it was loaded with Clemson, South Carolina, and Carolina Panthers players. The hits were not local but the rest of the box definatly did have a local flair to it.