2012 topps football inception(carson palmer)

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  1. well was searching around the great ebay and found the 2012 topps inception carson palmer which now started the goal of getting all the palmer inception insert. which i snaged all but the gold and that ends today. i have to say i really love the look of these cards. here is what i got so far...
    [​IMG] base

    and hopefully this one today :)
  2. sweet, dude! nice find!

    i got into an Inception case break on LCB and then forgot I was in it. Turns out all I pulled was a Kevin Kolb base (bleh) and a Fitzgerald base (yay!). I was hoping for a nice Michael Floyd. :)
  3. i have never seen the inception before i love the look of the card.
  4. It's definitely a great looking product. It's always hard for me to justify spending 80-100 dollars on 4-6 cards but ... Inception is definitely worth it.
  5. wow that much?? geez
  6. Yeah, they're about 85 in my LCS. I think it's 7 cards per pack. two base, two parallels, 2 autos and/or relics and something else. jumbo patch or something i think.
  7. how many packs in a box?
  8. holy crap thats some crazy stuff right there lol
  9. haha, for sure. it's along the same lines as tier one baseball, prime sigs football, etc. one pack per box, 4-7 cards per pack. crazy how the hobby has changed since i used to collect. haha
  10. yea i know. before i got back into this hobby i left prob. in 2002. its so diff now lol
  11. and now my 2012 carson palmer inception collection is complete!:thumbsup:
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    Very nice cards, I love the look of Inception.
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    Sweet! Very nice Brad..

    Love Inception, but this year is a very disappointing product, it's the same 7-8 rookies again and again and again.. watched 7 cases, yes seven, and it was the same guys over and over. Nick Toon, Ryan Broyles, Joe Adams, Ronnie Hillman etc.. Kinda anoying for someone like me who absolutely loves the 2012 rookie class :glare:
  14. yea i love the look and i agree. i think i watched like 20 videos on the breaks of inception and all the same guys!