2012 Press Pass Sports Town Blaster CASE

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  1. This should be an interesting one! I purchased this 20 retail box case a few weeks back when it was on sale, thinking it may end up as a part of our group break. As it turns out, we're going another direction, so I have this to bust for fun.

    I thought it might be interesting to record the results and see what "could have been" if the voting went differently.

    CHF, I apologize in advance if Andrew Luck makes an appearance!
  2. Turns out, it's probably for the best that this one wasn't in the group break! Good numbering, pretty bad player selection:

    Bronze #/199:

    Luke Kuechly

    Bronze #/149:

    Marquis Maze
    Isaiah Pead x2
    Coryell Judie
    Casey Hayward
    Harrison Smith

    Bronze #/139:

    DeVier Posey

    Silver #/125:

    Mohamed Sanu (inscribed "King Sanu", print run of 24)
    Kendall Reyes
    Harrison Smith

    Silver #/99:

    Dwayne Allen

    Red #/75:

    Emmanuel Acho
    Alfonzo Dennard
    Ryan Lindley
    Andre Branch

    Green #/10:

    Cyrus Gray (red ink)
    Luke Kuechly
    Lamar Miller
    Emmanuel Acho

    Basically whiffed on ANY of the big players, but still a very fun break.
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    Very cool! I actually didn't even know you could buy retail blaster cases. I wonder if the "bad" players are more frequent in blasters, just because they're blasters. It's VERY rare that you see a really good hit come from a blaster box. I've never pulled anything good out of one, personally.

    Thanks for sharing, Sam.
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    Theres some pretty good ones in there though, not that bad.. not awesomo either :P

    @Mike .. Ive nearly bought a blaster case, to bolster my packs a little, guess whod have to help if I want one lol :D
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  5. I've pulled some pretty big things out of retail in the past. I don't think they specifically target the distribution at all, but then again, I have no insider info on the hobby so I may just be taking a very optimistic viewpoint here.
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    Overall not too bad, thanks for sharing