2 packs of prestige:)

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  1. So I bought 2 hobby packs of prestige at my LCS. He lets you pick you just can't pack search. Half a box left I pick two back row packs. First pack had tom Brady acetate insert. Cool. Got my money's worth. 2nd pack felt think so I assumed decoy. Negative. Jersey card:) adrian Peterson league leaders /299. Best part was the jersey piece was really dirty. You could definitely tell it was "game worn". Not bad for dropping a 10 spot
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    Nice pulls
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    I would definitely say that you got your money's worth.
  4. Oh yeah. It's only the second time I've ever pulled a dirty jersey. I like it because it feels more authentic. Prestige has been good to me with acetates and jersey cards. Pulled stedman bailey (pc) and tom Brady jersey out of a hobby box. And out of another I pulled a Fitzgerald jersey So I've got some decent stuff. First time I've bought single packs and got a jersey. It was a good day
  5. I am interested in the Peterson man!
  6. Sorry man. I got the Tom Brady and russel Wilson league leaders jerseys as well and they went in a trade with the Adrian Peterson. No package today. So I will put pics on my bucket as soon as I get it.
  7. cool man thanks!
  8. What cowboy cards do you have? Any witten or Dez Bryant jersey cards?
  9. I will send you a list of every cowboy card I have, sound good??