1906 Fan Craze

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  1. This arrived today. An eBay win. 1906 Fan Craze Irv Young. He pitched from 1905-1911, mostly for Boston of the N.L. He holds the post 1900 record for the most wins in a season by a pitcher with a below .550 record. He went 20-21 in 1905.
    It's in super condition, looks even better than my scan. I almost always break cards out of cases but I may leave this one as is, at least for awhile.


    Here's a little about the Fan craze cards from an auction catalog:
  2. Indiana Jones

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    That is a very nice card! And for those that know who I am, you aren't alone in the vintage area. ;)
  3. very cool! love those vintage cards.
  4. franklinguy52

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    That us a beautiful vintage card, and I would definately leave it in the case!
  5. I'm leaning that way, too.

    btw.... your card got mailed 2day.
  6. I'm glad to see that vintage cards are appreciated. I lurk in a vintage forum elsewhere and those guys are kind of snobby. This place is very welcoming. :thumbsup:
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    Awesome card, Bob, and like others have said it'd stay in the case if it were mine too. I also liked the little tidbit you quoted about the set. Very good read. To be honest, I'd never even heard of those cards until now.
  8. Mike, I had heard them referred to from time to time but I knew next to nothing about them either. I've got about ten early century sets as 'saved searches' on eBay and every once in awhile I'll just poke through them hoping for a bargain to pop up. I've seen these going for much more than I paid in much worse condition so I bit. I think someone is breaking up a very nice set.
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    It has a 54 in its name?
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    Sweet card

  11. My client is invoking his Fifth Amendment rights at this point, Your Honor.

    Commish's lawyer

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    Sweet one, waaaaaay older than my oldest card, 51 years to be exact :P I bet it would be sweet to go through your stuff Bob :) (in a "just looking" kinda way! Don't worry! :lol: )