1 box break and 1 trade on the day I got accepted to WSU

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  1. So I got accepted to WSU today and I celebrated by breaking another box of Panini Past and Present Basketball. It was an okay box but nothing great. I got a redemption for a Jimmer Fredette Auto, a Ron Brewer Auto, and a Beno Udrih jumbo relic. I did a trade and I got a card that @Mike will be really interested in. It is a Topps Echelon Basketball Auto of Tony Parker #'d 11/99! [​IMG]
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    Nice pulls, and congrats on the acceptance to WSU
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    Congrats on the acceptance, and nice pulls! @Mike will be gunning for that card for sure!
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    Congrats on the acceptance and some cool autos.
  5. Mike

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    Congrats on getting accepted to the school and, yeah, we'll definitely be having a conversation about that card. ;)
  6. Thanks guys! If you guys want to trade for any of the cards just let me know. @Mike I figured you would like it. I traded for it just so we could trade
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    Love!! The Parker!
  8. yeah it is awesome. @Mike has it now.
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    Congrats and thats a sweet TP