Official Basketball Team Hobby Box Club Rules

These are the official rules for the TCZ Official Basketball Team HBC.

How It Works

Each member will pay $50, via PayPal only. That will get us around $460-470 in cards each month after PayPal fees and shipping. Each member will get 3 teams. You get one team of your choice, which you'll keep from month to month. The remaining 20 teams will go to the members via a random snake style draft. You will get every single card pulled from all 3 of your teams each month. The breaks will be done live on video, and recorded to YouTube.

Fees will be due by the 15th every month. The boxes will be ordered and the draft will begin as soon as all payments have been collected. Once the draft is complete and the boxes are in the break will be scheduled.

Card Distribution

Cards will be distributed by one of the following methods, in this order:

1) Team printed (text or logo) on the card.
2) Team pictured on the uniform.
3) Team the player currently plays for.
4) Team the player played for longest.

Multi-team cards will go to the member who has the most owned teams (non-drafted teams) on the card. If that doesn't decide it, it goes to the member with the most total teams featured on the card, including drafted teams. If that can't determine it, it will be decided using our Random List Generator (between teams on the card only), unless the ones involved in the random come up with something different.

Cards from old teams that simply moved to a new town will be given to the owner of the team that they moved to (ie. Seattle Supersonics = Oklahoma City Thunder).

If none of the rules specified above will determine who a card goes to, it will be randomly drawn between all members of the group.


All "hits" will be placed in sleeves and toploaders. All low numbered (/99 or less) inserts will also be placed in a toploader. Everything else goes in a team bag, wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap. All of that is sent in a bubble mailer, with delivery confirmation (where available).